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Why TrACE?

Bank narration strings are notoriously hard to understand strewn with various alphanumeric characters, truncated names of merchants and various delimiters. To add to it every financial institution has its own syntax making it even messier. But hidden in these strings, are secrets to people's financial behaviour, akin to DNA containing all affirmative financial acts that define a person. 

Transaction data is deeply entrenched in multiple processes as it helps Financial Institutions understand and define the users they are working with. Crucially, Banks sit on rich personal and financial data that captures all major milestones in users' lives. Understanding their past and current behaviour empowers businesses to recommend exciting opportunities and be a part of their users' daily lives.


Maximising the value of financial data

Beyond decoding transactions, Fego enriches categorised data with machine learning algorithms to generate deep behavioural attributes of your users such as spending pattern, certainty, unpredicted transactions, and so on.

How it works

Whether your own data pipeline or via FegoConnect, TrACE extracts deep behavioural attributes from banking transaction strings by constantly enriching and identifying categories & sub-categories granularly along with merchants, methods and modes, to provide our clients with the right building blocks that can power the next generation of personalised financial services at scale. 






Offering model-ready attributes

Retrieve traits that provide enriched data output tailored to each organisation. Get ready-to-use data on potential user segment, share of wallet, market competition, and predictive insights.

Products powered by TrACE

Bring all financial data together and stitch powerful, dynamic user profiles - Save hours of compliance, data, and engineering with one API.
Fego for all:
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Incumbent Financial Institutions

Innovate faster, deliver personalised financial experiences & deepen user-engagements using enriched financial data 

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Fintech Companies

Widen offerings and go-to-market faster with nimble products and seamless financial insights

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Consumer Internet Companies

Be at the cutting edge of finnovation and introduce your users to finance by building on top of Fego

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We are at the forefront of making finance relevant and simple for every Indian. Build better products by tapping into the Account Aggregation Framework.