Deliver magical financial experiences

Increase engagement

Provide users with financial management capabilities that will keep them coming back (Addictive – in a good way!)

Go-to-market faster

We've already done the heavy lifting of building benchmark financial experiences in the form of APIs and ready-to-embed SDKs

Explore new use-cases

Get insights into user habits and boost conversion by offering new products suited for their requirements. 

Embed & engage - Ever-growing library of financial management tools

Track Financial Health
Track user’s financial health over time along with history of financial events and their impact on the score.
Recommend Budget
Based on users' spending patterns, recommend customised budgets that work for them and adapt to users' changing spends.
A money coach that helps users improve their financial well-being by providing money hacks. Notify users to adopt financial discipline.
Expense Management
Intelligent and predictive management of spends with monthly/weekly breakdown of category, sub-category & more.

Help users manage their money

Build long-lasting relationships with users by driving positive financial habits and helping users get control over their finances. 

Meaningful engagement

Engage users with real-time nudges and timely reminders about their finances.

Personalized value

Deliver value aligned to users' real-life goals with saving and budgeting tools.

Delightful experience

Create seamless user journeys with ready-to-engage financial experiences.

Unlimited possibilities

Increase engagement and brand loyalty by adding new financial features – Fego brings finance to any consumer-facing app by providing ready-to-embed financial experiences powered by deep insights.
Round-up Savings in food delivery app
Financial Calendar in travel app
Financial Health Score in personal loan app
Nudges in banking app

Bring benchmark PFM products to market in no-time

Learn how to use FegoXP. Consumer APIs as well as pre-built components that can be quickly integrated into your app for faster go-to-market.

TrACE – The Delta.

Transaction data that make sense. Turn bank transaction strings into meaningful data - cleansed, categorised and in context. 

TrACE uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing algorithms to categorise and enrich messy transaction strings into categories, sub-categories, merchants, channels and more. Get financial DNA from transaction strings to power decisions and products. 

Fego for all:
Be it a Bank or a Startup or just an idea - We enable you
Incumbent Financial Institutions

Innovate faster, deliver personalised financial experiences & deepen user-engagements using enriched financial data 

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Fintech Companies

Widen offerings and go-to-market faster with nimble products and seamless financial insights

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Consumer Internet Companies

Be at the cutting edge of finnovation and introduce your users to finance by building on top of Fego

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