Products for the entire credit-lifecycle

Fego's intelligent product-suite enables lenders to leverage Open-Finance to enhance affordability and risk assessments. Our checks and predictive insights help lenders streamline underwriting, improve accuracy in decision-making, track customers post-disbursements and even support customers through our engagement tools.

Loan Origination

Creditworthiness Insights

Understand loan needs and make informed credit decisions with user's enriched transaction data. Analyse creditworthiness with financial behavioural traits and aspects like:

Loan need estimate

Ability to repay (based on surplus cash & regularity of spending pattern)

Intent to repay (based on bill payment patterns and purposeful deflection)

Liquidity / Emergency expenditure probability

Lead identification

Creditworthiness Insights

Adopt a targeted strategy with deep segmentations based on the financial behaviour of users in different cohorts. Choose the right customer segment for your offerings. Data points include:

Potential borrower segments

Fraudulent Intent / Risky customers to avoid

Wallet Share / Missed opportunities

Customer 360
Partner 360

Collection & Recovery Insights

Personalise collection strategy based on the user's financial behaviour and cash flow. By using advanced analytics and machine-learning algorithms, get early-warning signals and the features of at-risk customers including:

Negative shift in intent or ability to repay

Balance run out moment

Intentional bounce / Job loss / Compulsive spending

Excessive spending in the first week of the month / Emergency spending / Loan stacking

Best time to collect

Risk Mitigation

Collection & Recovery Insights

Differentiate your collection efforts using deeper customer segmentation, demographics, and emerging customer portfolio views. Identify high-risk borrowers in advance and develop more effective, targeted collection strategies to encourage them to repay their debts by understanding:

Potential default segments (by age and income)

High-risk accounts

Early outs (Foreclosure accounts)

Customer 360
Partner 360
Loan Origination

Fraud Insights

Make informed credit decisions using user's enriched transaction data. Identify behavioural traits and find potential assessment gaps including:

Loan stacking

KYC inconsistency

Frequent account opening

Previous instances of intentional defaults

Lead identification

Fraud Insights

Create a user categorisation for suspected frauds and investigate the highest priority ones to minimise the impact.

Target by credit worthiness

Target by loan requirement score

Target by loan consolidation needs

Customer 360
Partner 360

Transform Credit through Risk Insights

Quicker decisions

Reduced risk

Increased acceptance

Credit confidence, delivered through an API

Consume your users' behavioural insights via our APIs enriched from transaction data, along with your users' complete credit lifecycle from Onboarding to Collections.

Make profitable decisions by understanding risk better

Learn how to use FegoIntel Risk Insights APIs to make risk assessment real-time, effective and nimble.

TrACE – The Delta.

Transaction data that makes sense. Turn bank transaction strings into meaningful data - cleansed, categorised and in context. 

TrACE uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing algorithms to categorise and enrich messy transaction strings into categories, sub-categories, merchants, channels and more. Get financial DNA from transaction strings to power decisions and products. 

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