Scale with Financial Data Aggregation

Aggregate financial data of your users with Account Aggregator Technology Service Provider(TSP) – Build products that make your users' lives simpler and better. Fast, reliable and simple to integrate.

Connect financial accounts via secure links

Learn how FegoConnect can help you connect to users' financial accounts. Make the best use of aggregated transaction data to streamline user journeys.

TrACE – The Delta.

Transaction data that makes sense. Turn bank transaction strings into meaningful data - cleansed, categorised and in context. 

TrACE uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing algorithms to categorise and enrich messy transaction strings into categories, sub-categories, merchants, channels and more. Get financial DNA from transaction strings to power decisions and products. 

Fego for all:
Be it a Bank or a Startup or just an idea - We enable you
Incumbent Financial Entities(BFSI)

Innovate faster, deliver personalised financial experiences & deepen customer engagement with enriched transaction data

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Fintech Companies

Widen offerings and go-to-market faster with nimble products and seamless financial insights

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Consumer Internet Companies

Introduce finance to your users and be at the cutting edge of finnovation by building on top of Fego

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