Fego through your fintech life-cycle


Maximise revenue opportunities by targeting the right customer segment. Include new-to-fintech or underserved customers.


Create meaningful segmentation with our deep insights. Use them to identify low-risk customers for your business.


Understand your user base and create personalised offerings to boost conversion. Sell the right product to your new-to-fintech customers.


Identify not-so-ideal customers from the user base insights. Help them develop positive financial habits and nurture them to become your ideal customers.

Deliver new-age financial experiences

Automated checks for smarter and faster decisions

Expand user-coverage by including people who are financially underprivileged or without credit history by verifying account, income & creditworthiness. 

Account Check
Income Check
Creditworthiness Check
Assess and manage risks
DASHBOARD INSIGHTS to identify risks and growth potential

Get geolocation-based, deep segmented insights about user fraud, collection and recovery potential. Mitigate defaults based on risk behaviour of users from their cashflow patterns. Identify risky borrowers ahead of time and use targeted collection strategies to encourage them to repay their loans.

Collection and Recovery Insights
Fraud Insights
Get a 360° understanding of customer portfolios
WEALTH insights on saving potential and spending patterns

Understand your existing user base thoroughly, and customise product offers proactively to boost conversion. Increase market share, upsell and cross-sell by knowing your customers' saving potential, propensity, spending patterns and the best time to tap them.

Asset Insights
Propensity to Save
Insurance Potential
Engage users with attractive PFM tools

Increase customer engagement with new financial experiences such as Nudges, Expense Report, Recommend Budget, etc. Help users better understand and manage their finances. Motivate them to develop healthy financial habits and turn them into your ideal customers.

FegoXP PFM Features for Fintech Apps

Current Financial Score
Recommend Budget
Track Budget
Expense Report
Track Goals
Recommend Goals
Predict Cashflow
Transaction Feed
Upcoming Expenses
Track Financial Score
Aggregated Account Summary

TrACE – The Delta.

Transaction data that make sense. Turn bank transaction strings into meaningful data - cleansed, categorised and in context. 

TrACE uses Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing algorithms to categorise and enrich messy transaction strings into categories, sub-categories, merchants, channels and more. Get financial DNA from transaction strings to power decisions and products. 

Fego for all:
Be it a Bank or a Startup or just an idea - We enable you
Incumbent Financial Institutions

Innovate faster, deliver personalised financial experiences & deepen user-engagements using enriched financial data 

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Fintech Companies

Widen offerings and go-to-market faster with nimble products and seamless financial insights

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Consumer Internet Companies

Be at the cutting edge of finnovation and introduce your users to finance by building on top of Fego

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Every company will be a fintech company

We are at the forefront of making it possible for you to take part in the booming fintech revolution.