Is Account Aggregator secure?
Yes, Account Aggregator is built on a robust security framework that ensures the secure sharing of financial data across multiple financial institutions in India. The AA platform uses a combination of encryption, tokenization, and secure APIs to ensure that all financial data is transmitted securely. Also, the Account Aggregator is a data-blind pipe/channel which just acts as a consent intermediatory between Financial Information Providers and Financial Information Users. The data is shared securely through the AA only upon users’ explicit consent.
Who can use Account Aggregator?
Any individual who holds financial accounts across different institutions can use Account Aggregator. However, users must first register with an AA provider and link their financial accounts to the AA system.
How many Account Aggregators have gone live in India?
Currently, there are 10 Account Aggregators live in India with a lot more to come. Check out this link: for the updated list.
What Financial Information(FI) is available through Account Aggregator?
Bank transaction data for Savings Accounts, Current Accounts and Term Deposits are now available. Recurring Deposits, Loan Information, Insurance Data, Pension Fund Data and other asset classes such as stock investments and wealth data will be made available in the near future. Peek at the account types activated in AA here:
What banks and financial institutions are covered?
Currently, 46 banks, including Union Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Indian Bank, Punjab National Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, State Bank of India, Karur Vysya Bank, AU Small Finance Bank Limited, etc.,

Plus a few of NBFCs, RIAs, Insurance Brokers, Retirement Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Stock Brokers are active on the Account Aggregator network(with many more to come). Go through this page to stay updated:
What is Fego’s role in the Account Aggregator network? 
Fego is an authorised Technology Service Provider (TSP) in the Account Aggregator ecosystem that offers Financial Data Intelligence and Personal Finance Management Tools atop the Account Aggregator data stream. Through our FegoConnect SDK, we quickly connect with multiple Account Aggregators and offer exceptional coverage with more banks and financial institutions across India.


What billing period do I pay for?
Fego charges for the subsequent 30-day billing cycle. For example: If you made a monthly payment of ₹1,00,000 using your credit card on September 10th, 2022, the invoice billing period would be from September 10th, 2022 to October 10th, 2022.
How do prorated charges work?
Though Fego generates invoices on a monthly basis, charges involved with each experience, connect, checks and insights product are calculated based on API-usage.
How's the total on my invoice calculated?
Your invoice total is calculated by the sum of prorated charges from the previous billing period and your current usage of API calls, minus any available Fego credits on your account. The total on your invoice will match the total amount on your receipt.
Does my plan auto-renew?
Fego plans renew automatically whether a billing cycle is monthly or yearly. The account plan will renew on the same day of the month that it was upgraded. It should be noted that if you switch plans in the midst of a billing cycle, a prorated refund of Fego credits will be immediately applied to that account. It will take a month after your most recent billing for this credit refund to process.
Can I pay for Fego by invoice?
Currently, it's only possible to upgrade your plan and pay for Fego with a credit/debit card. For enterprise accounts with a minimum of 5,00,000 API requests, we do have an invoice payment option. If you're interested, get in touch with us to discuss the options. 


What types of payments are accepted?
You can pay via Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, NEFT or RTGS towards any of our plans. If you need any specific support, please reach out to us at
How do I change the credit card I use for billing?
You can update your credit card details from the payment section on your account settings page.
How do I proceed if my credit card is declined?
Please ensure that your credit card details are accurate (expiry date, CVV code, etc.), and that you are typing the number completely without any dashes or spaces. You might need to follow up with your bank to check if there are any problems on their end if your credit card is still not processed. If you're still experiencing difficulties, please click here to talk with us.
Why did my payment fail?
Razorpay handles the payment processing for Fego. For a list of possible reasons why a payment might not go through, kindly follow this link.
Do you accept direct payments?
Please let us know if you continuously face payment issues while paying through our payment processor. We will send you a unique link with details of the invoice via which you can directly to our bank account.
When do I get my refund?
Prorated Refunds for switching from an Enterprise to Grow or Launch would be given as Fego credits and are added to your account when your subsequent invoice is generated. However, please note that no credits will be given if you switch to a free account; instead, you will retain access to your premium plan until the end of the current billing month.
How are recurring charges handled?
The payment card that the account "owner" submitted will be used for all initial and continuing charges for the account. The account is open to other users, but they are not charged. Plan modifications are prorated automatically, accounting to the plan switches. We charge or credit for any adjustments once a month, on both monthly and yearly plans. Having all features in a single upgraded account is usually advisable.
What happens if I switch from a monthly to a yearly plan? Or vice versa?
In contrast to your current billing plan, switching between monthly and yearly plans results in an immediate invoice (and potential fee). The revised date will also be changed for the monthly billing date.
Do you provide any discounts?
Although we don't give any direct discounts, many of our partners make good progress with our launch plan—one of the most flexible plans available, until they decide it's financially viable to upgrade to access our Grow and Enterprise features and higher storage limits. In the interim, you can minimise the amount you'd have to pay out of pocket by using the credits you earn through referring others to Fego. Any other queries, please reach out to us at
Can I have multiple account administrators?
Fego accounts are able to accommodate many administrators at the same time.
Does my Fego account have team permissions?
You can add people as team members rather than account admins if you want to restrict them with permissions like view-only or access to only specific features.
How can I add or delete team members and administrators from my account as an owner?
Depending on how much access you want to give to the features and API limitations, you can add as many admins and team members as you want.
How can I get access to my billing details?
The account settings page gives you access to all of your billing information.
Why can't I access the settings page for my account?
You won't be able to access the account settings page if you are not the owner or administrator of the account. If you require access to the account settings page, kindly get in touch with your account owner.
How do I cancel or deactivate my Fego account?
Kindly contact our support at to remove or cancel your account.
Is Fego free?
Fego is available in a free, open-ended Sandbox environment for 60 days. Once the 60-day trial period ends, you will be prompted to upgrade your account to one of our paid plans, which include more API calls and many additional features. Here is an overview of our pricing plans:
What is FegoConnect and how does it work?
Fego Connect is a data connectivity module built on top of the Account Aggregation framework that enables you to access users' financial data from multiple banks and financial institutions, with their consent. Through a unified framework, it helps you connect to customers’ bank accounts with just a mobile number authentication and obtain extensive financial data from trusted bank information.
What is the Account Aggregation Framework?
Account Aggregation Framework is an RBI-approved open banking initiative that facilitates a simple and secure exchange of data across financial institutions like banks, insurance agencies or mutual fund companies to create better value and innovative services for customers. The information can only be shared with the user's consent.
What type of financial information will I get from "FegoConnect"?
You will get a comprehensive overview of your user’s transaction data such as income, expenses and cash flows from multiple bank accounts. As more financial institutions join the AA network, information like loans, insurance, mutual fund, and pension transactions will also be available soon alongside bank data.
What do I need to use FegoConnect?
You need to be a Financial Information User (FIU) in the Account Aggregation network – A registered and regulated entity by at least one of the Financial Service Regulators (FSR), namely — RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, and PFRDA.
Can I use my same app/platform for using FegoConnect?
Yes. You can integrate the FegoConnect SDK module into your existing application to collect transaction data of users from numerous banks and financial institutions' accounts.
Can I customise the UI of FegoConnect to match my brand?
Yes. FegoConnect is totally customisable to your brand's colours, logo, and styles. The primary goal is to provide your users with a simple and intuitive app flow while obtaining their financial information.
Can Account Aggregator be used for business accounts as well?
Yes, Account Aggregator caters to both individual and business accounts. The framework allows businesses to aggregate their financial information from multiple institutions, enabling a comprehensive overview of their finances.
How much does FegoConnect cost?
FegoConnect empowers you to collect authentic financial information of millions of users with lightning-fast connectivity, a secure framework, and a fully customisable user interface. Get the information you need to make sound financial decisions, and make use of the data in the system you currently have. With a flexible account structure and unlimited team members, you can effectively scale your business with a nominal charge per user onboarding. Kindly visit our pricing page or reach out to us at for more details.
What is FegoXP and how does it work?
“Fego XP” is a library of plug-and-play personal finance management (PFM) tools that provide contextual financial advice and notifications to help your users understand and manage their finances better. 
What type of financial experiences does "FegoXP" have?
Fego XP has a library of full-blown financial experience APIs under six SDK modules viz. Budget Planner, Financial Health Score, Financial Calendar, Saving Management, Expense Management and Nudges. The list is constantly expanding.
Do I need to be a Fintech or Bank to embed "FegoXP" modules?
Any B2C platform can now add PFM capabilities with Fego XP while we take care of the heavy lifting from analysing users’ transaction data to delivering the right nudges. 
What are the benefits of FegoXP?
You can increase user engagement and brand loyalty through helping users become financially more disciplined by delivering personalised financial experiences.
What is FegoIntel?
FegoIntel is a suite of checks and insights that enables you to verify customer information, identify risk factors, creditworthiness, discover wealth potential and more. Partners can automate user-onboarding, underwriting or lead-generation processes by plugging into FegoIntel's reliable and comprehensive data outputs, which are ably supported by Dashboard view.
When do I require Checks and Insights?
FegoIntel’s checks and insights would be the perfect fit for you if you are dealing with any of the following issues:

- Facing difficulty in obtaining accurate financial information from users
- High drop-offs as a result of a lengthy onboarding process
- Having trouble making quick and solid risk decisions
- Looking for ways to broaden your credit/wealth target
What are Fego Checks and how do they work?
With FegoIntel’s Account Check, you can do quick account verification and get accurate information on users’ account names, primary & salary accounts, verified bank account number, and IFSC & MICR code. Using Income Check, verify users’ income, its certainty, sources and frequency from bank transactions. Get accurate information on the amount, changes in the amount, employer details and additional sources of income and its certainty, in seconds.
Risk Insights
What are Fego Risk Insights and how do they work?
Creditworthiness Check uses intelligent data points derived from risk behaviour and spending patterns to determine customers' creditworthiness for new loans. Determine the amount, duration, and terms of the loan depending on a variety of parameters including the capacity and intent to pay the debt on time, revenue, payment history, outstanding liabilities, etc.

Fego Intel’s Collection and Recovery Insights collate trends across customer portfolios based on real-time and predictive indicators such as ATM withdrawals, EMI payments, account balance, overdraft usage and red flags such as gambling and alcohol, to identify risky borrowers ahead of time. 

Fraud Insights allow you to confirm borrowers' identity by validating their name, phone number, address, and email address with the data from the account aggregation network. You can predict and avoid fraud by tracking any fishy behaviour such as misrepresenting one's capabilities, personality, or portfolio using fraud insights. 
Wealth Insights
What are Fego Wealth Insights and how do they work?
With Wealth Insights, you can identify your user's maximum propensity to invest, insurance potential, their savings, investments, net-worth and wealth-needs.

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