Legos to build your fintech

Fego offers building blocks for your app's next financial products - Directly embed experiences, or, connect to financial data and feed business intelligence with it.


Embed personal finance products directly into your app with our APIs and SDKs.


Onboard users with our Account Aggregator Onboarding kit and access rich data.


Turn financial data into business intelligence and build seamless applications and operations.


Personal finance in your app, ready to add.

Fego experiences are built to bring your personal finance features to life in the fastest time. Available as APIs and SDKs for you to be the first to market.

Stream enriched financial feeds.

Built for developers

Fego is built for developers who want to build applications for varied retail fintech use-cases and applications. From APIs to accessing open finance infrastructure to SDKs that help you reduce time to market by months - Fego is home to Fintech's building blocks for the consumer internet industry.
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